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I now have

... The Road to Christmas (aka Baby and Phil get it on) in my hands. So excited! I now have my whole Wednesday planned around watching this.
Clark Gregg is married to Jennifer Grey. Agent Coulson is married to Baby Houseman. Mind. Officially. Blown.

I don't have a leaky pipe icon

... but if I did I would be using it right now. About to go to bed at midnight and went down to the kitchen to switch off the lights, big puddle of water on the floor. Uh oh. Further investigation proved that it was coming from the cupboard under the sink. Woke mother, emptied cupboard, found pipe leaking in several places and getting worse. Last 2 hours we've spent switching off bailing out the cupboard and phoning every plumber in London who advertises themself as 24 emergency callout and IT'S ALL LIES! 95% of them just have answerphones and the remaining 5% divert to some guy at a callcentre who just tells us he doesn't have anyone to send.

Finally found someone after an hour and a half who's coming over from Richmond (or possibly Australia, given the accent) and we're now sitting, waiting (bailing) for him to turn up and horrifying ourselves with what ifs. Mostly what if I hadn't gone downstairs before bed.

Technological Nirvana

I am now completely gadgeted up for 2009. HD TV for Christmas, upscaling DVD player (I'm not going anywhere near Blu-Ray for at least a couple of years by which time there should hopefully be reliable and simple region hacks around), new mobile (on which I'm posting this) and finally today, Sky HD. And it all works! Apart from some initial trouble with mobile's battery It's all just worked from the get go. I love new tech but I especially love it when it just works.
I just saw Ant and Dec. There I was today, minding my own business and walking up to the South Bank from Waterloo and suddenly there was an outdoor ice rink, silver streamer things hanging off the floodlights and with three people skating around and being filmed. After the initial "Huh?" moment I stopped to watch for a couple of minutes with no clue what was going on and then as the person in the blue full-body speed skating suit rounded the corner I suddenly noticed 'DEC' written across his back. Sure enough, when the other guy (virtually being held up by guy number 3) came round the ice there was 'ANT'. Slightly bizarre start to the day.

Catherine Tate?!?!!

Again?! I honestly never saw that one coming although there have been a couple of rumours floating around for the last day or so. But... bloody hell. Not sure how I feel about that - although on the bright side there'll be precisely zero chance of her falling for the Doctor so we're done with love sick assistants.

Thanks a bunch, Paul Cornell...

The next time I feel like crying for 15 minutes non stop I'll know who to call. And thank you also, Mr Tennant. If it hadn't been for you he wouldn't have been able to do it. And you, Jessica Hynes.

Two posts in one night!

Cats and dogs sleeping together! Snowballs in hell! Etc, etc.

I just couldn't resist posting this courtesy of Digital Spy:

Orlando Bloom has revealed he is turning his attention to the internet to look for a partner.

The actor has set up a profile on social networking website Facebook under a different guise, in the hope of finding girls who are interested in his personality rather than his money.

"It's difficult sometimes to know whether girls like me, or the guy they see in Pirates of the Caribbean," Female First reports. "This way I can get to know them from behind a disguise."

Bloom added that he believes he is ready to settle down and start a family, and hopes to meet the right girl soon: "I'd like to live a proper family life - with a partner and kids. That's what it's all about, isn't it? I've had a crazy life, in many ways, and I realise now I want someone to share it with."


Can you imagine the sort of chaos this is going to cause on Facebook? I give the fangirls three days max before they track him down.


... is a very wet place. Last night we got rained on on about five seperate occasions and even hailed on once. On the other hand, Cardiff is also a rather pretty town - doubley so at the moment as they've just put all their Christmas lights up (and they're much better than London's). Went and had a look around the 'Winter Wonderland' in between (sort of) rain showers and watched people try to kill themselves and bystanders on the outdoor icerink. Fun.

Haven't been down to the bay yet although I gather that converse-wearing hordes were spotted down there yesterday, milling around, looking for the not-secret entrance to Torchwood and trying not to catch each other's eyes. We are promised Daleks, Cybermen and unspecified 'others' (not the Lost sort) today.

It's raining again.

Torchwood 1x03

If I went out and bought many, many guns right now, you think I could maybe get lessons from Jack in how to shoot them?

Holy. Mother.Of. God. That may have been the hotest thing I have ever seen on my television screen.

Helen Raynor needs to write more episodes. Lots and lots more.