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Cars, Trees and Uncooperative Fairy-Lights

You know when someone says something along the lines of: "I don't want you to worry but..." and you immediately go into a full scale worst-case-scenario panic? Well my mother pulled that on me this morning and I swear in the few seconds between her saying it and going on to tell me precisely what it was I shouldn't be worrying about, I pretty much had her with an incurable disease and three weeks to live in my head. As it turned out, what I shouldn't worry about was the fact that she'd had a minor car crash - although looking at the back of the car it doesn't look so minor - as some idiot rear ended her at the top of our road. Being Sunday of course, the insurance company isn't available to answer questions such as do we get a courtesy car while ours is repaired and how long is it going to take.

As mum is now carless for the duration and didn't have anything better to do, we decided to go and buy our Christmas tree rather earlier than we would normally. Our tree is generally around 7 foot and thus needs two people for carrying home purposes. Anyway we struck lucky this year as the shop just across the road from us was selling trees and had one just the right height for us. Got it home and set up, stopped for a cup of tea and roast chestnuts (also courtesy of the shop across the road) and then went and retrieved the Christmas decorations. Every year around the end of November we say, "we must remember to check the fairy-lights are OK" and this year as every other, we failed to perform this very simple but vital act. So do the fairy-lights work? Of course not *sigh* So the tree stands bare and somewhat forlorn looking for the moment and I see a trip to Woolies in my immediate future.


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